Ride of My Life Short Sleeve Women's

Ride of My Life Short Sleeve Women's

For all colors and sizes except Citrus, enter the Code LADIES SPECIAL at checkout to receive a 10% discount on Ladies Ride of My Life Shirts. NO LIMIT!!!

Citrus shirts on sale for a limited time only.  Makes a great gift!

Ladies will appreciate the fit, and the soft cotton of this T-shirt - it makes a perfect souvenir of your ride of the Trail. "Ride of My Life" on the front and colorful map of GAP and C&O Towpath on back.  Click on the thumbnail for a view of the back of the shirt.  

L-R Watermelon (looks like a slice of watermelon.....yum), Citrus, Light Blue, Orange Heather, Azalea Pink 

Light yellow on model is for fit only.  Sleeves and length is shorter than men's version.  Color not available.

$ 20.00