Ride of My Life Short Sleeve Women's

Ride of My Life Short Sleeve Women's

Please be advised.  All colors except for the watermelon run small.  For all colors and sizes except Citrus, enter the Code LADIES SPECIAL at checkout to receive a 10% discount on Ladies Ride of My Life Shirts. NO LIMIT!!!

Citrus shirts on sale for a limited time only.  Makes a great gift!

Ladies will appreciate the fit, and the soft cotton of this T-shirt - it makes a perfect souvenir of your ride of the Trail. "Ride of My Life" on the front and colorful map of GAP and C&O Towpath on back.  Click on the thumbnail for a view of the back of the shirt.  

L-R Watermelon (looks like a slice of watermelon.....yum), Citrus, Light Blue, Orange Heather, Azalea Pink 

Light yellow on model is for fit only.  Sleeves and length is shorter than men's version.  Color not available.

$ 20.00